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Business is intimated to endure everlasting and to persist for a long term it entails to evolve.  The manner business was developing once due to the significant needs which were nurturing formerly may be insignificant further for business development. It can be business structure, payroll system or size of commercial space. It is not a strange situation in Australia for the business which was flourishing is getting transform from a sole trader to limited company. But it is essential for business owner to be well informed for certain matters before transforming.

Why business requires re-moulding from Sole Trader to Limited company?

 There are certain distinct activities mentioned below which differs in both sole trader and company structure and it is essential to consider those activities prior re-moulding

  • Taxing- Sole traders are taxed as individuals whereas companies are taxed as a separate entity.
  • Tax rate- Companies pay tax at the corporate rate (27.5% for certain SMEs) whereas sole traders pay taxes based on their personal marginal rate
  • Income- Things essential to report income, Methods of reporting income, types of return
  • Paperwork and bookkeeping
  • Ongoing costs of operation
  • Who is liable for business debts
  • Procedure to assess business income
  • Employment regulations

Why business owners requires re-moulding from Sole Trader to Limited company. When the company is been operated, personal assets are assuredly protected at some level from business losses and issues. It is beneficial for tax payer during tax returns as his business income can be divided between owners. If business owner has big plans for his business development, transforming would be beneficial to proceed as companies have significant capability to initiate new co-owners.

Prior transforming, it is crucial for sole trader to substantiate if limited company would be acceptable. At Accountants Australia, small business counselors can assist you to comprehend further distinctions and create well informed decision


If small business owner manifested transformation in the course of his small business strategy, thereby it is obliged for him to assure that responsibility of the company director or officer will enlarge. It is required to assure obligations as well as an individual responsibility before transforming Under the Corporations Act 2001, directors are obliged to perform numeral responsibilities before transforming that extends from obstructing the company trading during insolvent to announcing to refrain conflicts between company and personal matters. Subsequently, it is compelled to apply company name through ASIC, new Australian business number along with other necessary registrations such as GST and PAYG withholding.

Henceforth, situation will be advanced as taxes, responsibilities, asset protection and operational costs will be bit distinct for companies. It is essential to possess proper guidance from professional adviser before transforming or else it would be seamless to transform

Contact Tax Experts Accountants team for striving out further information if transforming would be profitable or for some refining within itself

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